We produce honey from different floral origins because our bee’s travels all around following different flotations.


Our bees were the Company origin. They are our motivation to learn and to start new investment (exportation, beekeeping manufacturing, beekeeping goods sales).

Apicola Danangie produce honey from different floral origins while our bees are moved following different blossoming. Harvesting honey from Orange, Wild forest, Alfalfa, Sunflower and Eucalyptus. Beehives are moved more than 700km (435 miles) from our headquarter, in Concordia, Entre Rios, to get this goal.


Either in production as in extraction, Apicola Danangie incorporates technology to increase efficiency and quality systems to reach international standards.

Our honey extraction facility is able to extract 25 tons of honey per day. Working in 3 parallel lines, 80 frames each per cycle, we are able to extract 2000 boxes per day.